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"Virtual Studios" and "Bix's Photo Book" have been successfully used in a video about some sporty teenagers from Saint-Petersburg.

I'd like to share the material as an example of using the products by Outerspace Software.

A link to the official web site with the material and comments:

JVC Announces GY-HM200SP 4KCAM, Streaming Camcorder with Built-In Score Overlay for Sports Events

JVC GY-HM200SP 4KCAM camcorder

Following their recently announced partnership with XOS Digital and the launch of the GY-HM650SC ProHD camera, JVC Professional Video has announced another new professional video camera with specialized features aimed at those involved with sports.

The JVC GY-HM200SP 4KCAM camcorder produces a real-time score overlay on recorded or streamed video output without requiring the use of an external CG and production switcher designed to enhance single-camera local sports coverage.

JVC Introduces GY-HM650SC Camcorder to Support XOS Digital Workflow for Sport Coaches

JVC GY-HM650SC ProHD camcorder

JVC Professional Video has announced a partnership with XOS Digital, the leading provider of digital coaching technology for sports organizations. Alongside this announcement JVC has introduced the GY-HM650SC ProHD camera which records time of day information within the metadata to synchronize multiple cameras and biometric data collected by player tracking devices.

GoPro Launches $5 Million GoPro Awards for the Best GoPro Photos and Video

GoPro Awards promotional image of a child being lifted up on on a beach

GoPro, Inc have put out a call to users of GoPro cameras to submit their best photos and video content with the launch of GoPro Awards.

Open to both amateurs and professionals GoPro Awards is an ongoing, year-round program that rewards the GoPro community for sharing their photos, video clips and video edits for inclusion in GoPro Channel programming and licensing. Through a combination of cash awards and discount coupons, GoPro will grant up to $5 million annually to creators of content that the company uses.

Super Hi-Vision Makes Watching Sports Super

US Women's Soccer Team/photo credit Fox Sports

Entering the Fox Studio Lot in West Los Angeles, I ponder on what is going to make my viewing the U.S. Women's Soccer team's match against Australia out of the ordinary -- besides the fact that its the FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer Tournament in Canada and that, instead of at a stadium, I'll be seated in air conditioned comfort in the Zanuck theater watching on a 20 foot movie screen.

The Coolest Slow-Motion Camera Effects Since The Matrix

numerous cameras lined up on tripods aiming at one point
The Matrix is one of the most visually unique movies of all time, but that was 14 years ago. Now, be on the look out for bullet-time shots in sports and more. Who wouldn't be cool acting like Neo and Trinity? It seems that ever since the 1999 debut of The Matrix, no one has really developed similar effects, until recently.
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 Is there any free way to make an easy video highlight reel of my favorite sports team?

Please help me!

Also, is there any place to find highlights to put in the video? Because I do not have any, and would like to know how to find highlights.


Thanks in advance!

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I am currently running Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 and have several softball games that I am putting together for my wife. I would like to have a running scoreboard that is better than just using a text box. Ideally I would like to have something that could indicate runners on bases (however this is not a requirement), along with the inning, outs, and obviously score. If anyone has any ideas or can recommend a plug-in that would make it easier, that would be awesome.


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