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I am directing a music video that involves a band playing underneath a
large oak tree that's wrapped very sporadically and randomly/hectically with multi-colored yarn. Is there a way to make the colors of the yarn
surrounding the band to change like a visualized without having to stop
the band and move the yarn constantly?

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Hello, i am a kid making some SFX and i really ant to ge better, i will post some video links in here and if you have the time then watch them. Thanks and leave your HONEST critique.

<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>-John

Montauk Shootout:


Lightsaber Battle:

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im selling my copy of adobe premiere pro cs3, encore, and onlocation for $350. Im assuming you guys know what these programs are for and how much its worth brand new. still like $500 i believe for cs3. man, remember when i bought this brand new. anyway, ive fallen out of the whole video editing(moved to cars. lol) and well i have no need for these programs so im just trying to make some extra cash. cds work perfectly and come with the product key you need to use the programs.

for windows. not mac sorry. any questions feel free to email me at outrunthegun@live.com

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I don't know if anyone has seen this or done this but I'm wondering if its possible to do with my editing software (pinnacle studio 10). Any suggestions, tips and advise is welcomed. It looks like this can be achieved with simple chroma/luna key. Am I correct? I can seehow the hand ignition is done that way but I'm wondering about the full body. I thought that I saw someone post something about skins but I have no clue about usingskins.



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I am shooting a feature horror film with a Canon XH-A1 @ 24fps (all manual setting obviously). I am concerned with giving my movie that film look, and to be certain I wanted to know everyone's opinion on all the details of the film. I will be using a 12ft kessler crane, 50ft. track run from kesslercranes.com, and a 20 ft. green screen.


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