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Hey everyone... I just wanted to post some examples of infrared and thermal videography. These were shot using a FLIR portable camera... more for industrial diagnostics use than typical video, but I thought it still might be of interest to folks on this forum.

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Hi, I've only recently started making youtube videos for digital painting. I use Camtasia to capture and I use Adobe Premiere to Edit.

1)I keep getting this weird trailing look when my mouse moves across the screen on the recording. Why is that?

2) What is a good tool to use for recording voice audio?

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Hey, Im in the market for a 3d program. So these (cinema 4d and maya) were some programs that looked pretty good, and I wondered what the differences were. Am I right in thinking theyre both made by Autodesk? And then again, I couldnt find the eula for the cinema 4d student edition... is it limited in some way as compared to the standard? I do have after effects right now, and blender, but its been really hard to integrate 3d so I was also looking into videocopilots element 3d.




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