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This is a stock footage website that is way cheaper than iStock, Pond 5 and any of the other stock footage websites I have found. They are even giving away some free stuff too.

Anyone else have any suggestions for super cheap or free stock footage that is actually any good?


Video Copilot Releases MotionPulse Sound Design Tools

Video Copilot's new sound fx library
MotionPulse Sound Design Tools is a collection of over 2000 sound fx in 24-bit 96KHz quality, WAV and MP3 files. Video Copilot is known for their cinematic style products and MotionPulse Sound Design Tools fits in with their existing product line. The set features five libraries: Machines, Signals, Organic, Velocity and Impact.
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I'm going to start shooting a short on the 19th of this month. I did some testing for a fight scene in the short. The problem I'm finding is that ACTUAL PUNCHING SOUNDS don't really work well for punching sound effects.

I believe that this kind of stuff is less than 50% what you see, and the rest is what you HEAR. Anyone on here have any hints or ideas as to how I can go about getting
realistic-sounding punching, kicking, slamming, or other violent fight-scene type sounds?

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