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I just recently noticed the audio within Vegas goes to zero right at the end of a song. You can see in the clip that the audio meter at the right goes to zero for about a second before the song ends. It does this between every song although I only showed two in the video. I tried using different flac and mp3 files and i also tried old vegas projects and I still had the same issue. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vegas with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm just a video editing novice but I've had the chance to do several low-key video projects for family and friends over the years. It's fun. But I have a LOT to learn. 


Anyway, a major problem I'm having right now. A friend gave me some DVDs of a conference she taught, and she wanted me to add some info to the video at the beginning and end, and prepare a file for uploading to the internet. 


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I am a little new to video editing. I think I have most of it down, but am currently running into this issue.

I am using DVD Architect and burning my video from Vegas Pro 9. When I go to play the disc in my dvd players the video is choppy at time, skipping some video, and it is ending before the end of the movie.

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This is talked about in a lot of places, but for some reason I can't find the best settings as my footage looks really good and clear before it hits youtube, but then on youtube it looks like this:

That's the best I could do and I get there by doing the following.

Project Settings:


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