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Hello, I'm just starting out in video editing and was wondering what everyone thinks about the Sony Vegas Pro 12 editing software?

Is this too much program for someone with little experience? Should I start with something less powerful?

Just wanted opinions...Thanks in advance!

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I'm writing here because after some hard work we decided it’s time to show Logline to the world. Logline is a platform for video preproduction that will help you stay organized when working with your team on your project. You can register at with code LA-DOLCE-VITA. We would like to ask all of you for feedback, comments, some nice words, or a complete rant on what we’ve done.

GenArts' Sapphire 9 Boasts New Effects

The Sapphire 9 VFX plugin suite

GenArts, a creator of special visual effects software for the film, broadcast and video industries, has announced Sapphire 9, the latest version of their VFX plugin suite and replacing version 8, which was released in December of 2014. The new version marks the shortest time between version releases in Sapphire’s history.

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Hello guys,

I know most users here are professionals with lots of skills and experience, so anyway, I just wanted to ask what's your advice on the best editing software for someone who just want to edit not so professional shot clips but want to get great results with the decent work and time put on project?

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Hey guys, Would love your opinion on this. Recently, we've run into a problem when sending clients video files. We use wetransfer and other FTP software to share video projects.
The problem is it takes long and believe it or not, sometimes the client is like "I can't open this" or even worse, they approve and then just take the file, without paying or without it being a high res version.

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i just started my own videographer business for events and i was wondering if any of you, knew any softwares where i could give all of my client details like a CRM. Also my calendar and even possibly invoicing all in one software??


Any suggestions for software would be great

Big Changes for Avid Editors

AVID logo
Avid editors everywhere, including users of Avid's popular Media Composer software, though not the latest version: Media Composer 7, need to be aware of an important change that is about to take place at Avid that will require immediate action.


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