5 Tips for Improving Supporting Graphics

screen shot of graphics layout

If the average video producer made a list of the key elements for a great project, the list would probably start with capturing great images, and hopefully include getting good audio, having great content, and maybe even getting good performances from talent.

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Im editing a video for a local school's band, and am now in the process of doing interviews with some of its members. I am shooting using a Panasonic AGHMC170 in 1440x1080 HD, then downconverting to 720x480 NTSC DV Widescreen as the rest of the footage is this way. However, NTSC DV Wide takes up too much space, and the interviews are about 20 mins.

What high-quality format can I use that's smaller but will still prove easy to edit?I was thinking maybe MPEG2 DVD, or some sort of MP4? Thanks!

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Hello, I have 6 images. All of them are of size 1000x580. But, when I try to make a slide show of the pictures in Premiere and export the video, the size of the video is not 1000x580. It is something entirely different, with black margins around the video.

How can I have my video the size I want?

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Would the 17" definitely be better than the 15'?

How would you customize your Macbook Pro? MUST i max out to 8GB? I have an external hard drive at home for storage. Would be nice to have storage for about, I dunno, an hour worth of HD footage in the laptop so I don't have to schlep an external.

Fastest Macbook video card would make sense, obviously.

Any advice?


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