One Microphone Every Videographer Should Own

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your video is to improve your audio. That means choosing and using the right mic. If you can afford a host of microphones, fill your gear bag to the brim with them and use whichever mic makes the most sense on the set. But what if you could only have one? Which mic makes the best all-around, multi-purpose utility tool for producers?
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I own two shotgun mics, an AT-897 and a Rode NTG-2, and I'm having the same problem with each (which makes me think that what I'm experiencing is not a "problem" and is completely normal). Here's the situation: When I have one of the mics connected to a Zoom H4N audio recorder, I have to have the recording levels all the way up (to level 100). With the levels all the way up, I have to be just 6-inches directly in front of the mic to be able to talk in a normal voice volume and register -12db on the Zoom (in an otherwise silent room).

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I would like to do field recordings of nature sounds here in Florida (birds, frogs, etc.) The conditions can be hot and humid, and I need to work at night.

What types of mikes and recorders would you recommend?

I like the idea of the zoom H4n with phantom powered shotguns, but should I also consider a high end stereo mic for ambient?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Please help, I am starting a local TV show, it is about sketches either outdoors or indoors (inside a house or restaurant not studio), I have

a GL2 and PD170 with its Sony Shotgunand Audio Technica ATR55 shotgun and Azden WR Pro lavalier. Both Shotguns pick up noise and I just

have one Lav, so I need to invest on audio some more, (you can see a sketch I did using the audio technica feedback will be appreciated by the way, lights etc,!!!, (sorry it is in spanish)

my problem is:

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I'm assuming I will need some sort of shotgun mic, since I won't be closer than 20 or 30 feet from the altar. I am running a Sony HDR-FX7 so I only have an 1/8" input. What equipment do you recommend that will have pretty good sound, but doesn't cost like $1200?



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