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Short Films Wanted! The Edinburgh Short Film Festival has opened it's call for entries for the 2016 edition.

The best submissions for 2015 and 2016 will be included in our Best Of 2015 short film programming for other festivals across the UK and Internationally during 2016 as well as being screened at the Edinburgh Short Film Festival in October-November 2016.

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2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition FINAL DEADLINE November 15th!
Every entry receives script analysis.

Founded by a writer, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s passionate commitment is to develop and discover the unknown screenwriter. We provide each writer who enters BlueCat one written analysis while supporting screenwriters of all levels and stages of development with the constructive feedback all writers require.

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The Edinburgh Short Film Festival starts on November 11th, screening 71 short films from 23 countries, with pavement cinema, q and as and film-makers flying in from across the world! Alongside some of the best local films, we’re also showcasing Germany Fantasy, animation from Chile, Lebanese documentary, Mexican crime drama, Australian social realism, English drama, Scottish black comedies, South Korean neo-noir, Chinese Indie, French sci-fi to mention a few!

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Last minute twists will be the first- ever 'social made' web series, an ongoing web series filmed by directors from all over the world.


Th first 7 directors to be admitted will be rewarded with one of the 7 prizes offered by our sponsors and will also have the opportunity to win the 350 $ cash Auience Award.


Episodes will be out weekly, starting from October the 16th 2014.



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Okay, so I just ordered my 70d upgrading from my 60d. I plan on shooting my first short film in the coming month. I know I want to have a wide lens, but otherwise any suggestions on some solid lenses  would be awesome. I'm probably gonna spend $500 on a lens and rent the rest. 


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