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Secrets of Screen Direction and Continuity of Motion

a cameraman bending over a camera focusing and framing a shot
The secret to shooting video sequences without compromising continuity of motion is to remain mindful — not of travel direction — but of screen direction. Maintaining screen direction in your video is a matter of relativity, not of reality.

8 Tips on How to Use a Tripod

A videographer shooting video using a tripod
Terrific tripoding is a careful combination of tool and technique. These 8 tips hit the highlights to cover both aspects, so you know what features you need in a tripod for video production, and how to use it to shoot stellar shots that are smooth and stable.

5 Tips to Impress Your Client

When it comes right down to it, video production is about relationships. Yes, you need skills to produce a project, but if you can't find anyone willing to hire you, then it's going to be pretty tough to make a living. Impressing a client is a crucial element that will help you get repeat business, as well as referrals. With that in mind, here are five tips to impress your next client.

1. Be Prepared

Put Some Order in Your Camcorder


Grab your camera and go! That's what many of us think when it's time to shoot. But take a step back and think - would it have been better to get your camcorder? or something else? What do we actually mean when we say camera and camcorder?