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Hi Folks,

we have just started our one and only sale of the year: Buy 2 SFX libraries, get one for free.
Time to fill up the empty shelves in your studio with some heavily discounted high-quality Boom Library sound effects.

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If you're looking for some free sound effects for your projects, you'll find a pack of 130+ premium sound effects below - it's currently being given away for free.

The sounds are created by independent sound designers, and are hand-picked from their full sound effect libraries to give you a taste of their work. Here's where you get them:


Hope you find them useful! :)

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Hey Guys - This is Timothy McHugh here from Sonniss / Visionary Sound. I have just released a new premium royalty-free sound library. Don't forget to check it out and tell me what you guys think. 
Gorification [HD] is an extensive collection of high-impact premium GORE sounds that have been custom recorded to an exceptionally high standard.

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Rocksuresoundz.com currently has 24 different sound packs in a wide range of genres, available at just $6-95 each. Each pack contains between 80-200 high quality sfx. Additional new packs will be added soon too.

There is a one and a half minute audio preview for each of the Sound Effect Packs.
Hitting the play button gives you a bit of a general overview medley of the contents of the pack. Not every sound effect in the pack is included in the preview, but it's designed to give a good cross-section of sound types found in it.



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