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Hey i posted recently about transferring my footage from the above cameras onto my hard drive which is a Seagate external hard drive. FCP X does not recognize or even acknowledge this in its system! this has become increasingly frustrating, because these HD cameras and the amount of memory they take up is too much for FCP X alone. The whole reason I bought the terabyte was to store my HD video footage without any worries about memory. Please help, as my patience is being tested lol.



5 Reasons to Shoot on Tape

A couple years ago, I nervously left tape behind and began shooting everything to compact flash cards. Dazzled with the promise of a tape free workflow and never digitizing again, I never stopped to think about the benefits I'd be giving up. Believe it or not, there are still 5 good reasons to shoot on tape.

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has anyone had problems updating the firmware on this camera? i was sold class 10 SD cards which the camera can't read. you need class 6 cards to update the firmware. i spent 2 hours trying with no success. if anyone figured out how or why its so hard, i'd love to know

a frustrated,

Saying Goodbye to Cables: How Wireless Technology Will Affect Video

Saying Goodbye to Cables: How Wireless Technology Will Affect Video
When Eye-Fi introduced their wireless SD card technology back in 2007, they showed every SD card manufacturer that there was a real demand for wireless storage devices. So with Toshiba's announcement to put together a standard for wireless SDHC memory cards, it finally seems as if the wireless data age has definitely arrived for both stills and video.

Maxell Launches Flash Media

Maxell Launches Flash Media
Reprinted from a Maxell press release Flash Media and USB Flash Drives round out the Maxell High Performance Storage Media Assortment
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Im in the market of buying a HD camcorder and have narrowed it down to 2 models in my budget, The canon HF20 or the HV30. My question is which model will capture better quality? (minii DV or SD card).....

I was told from a tech that the Mini DV's perform better in low light setting innoticeablequality vs SD card based. is that true?

Although i know SD Cards may be faster to upload and moreefficientthan the Older Tape Technology, im looking for the best quality to play home videos on my HDTV.

Thanks in Advance. -Richard


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