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I wonder how practical those things are compared to a regular, full-screened teleprompter.


I'd imagine most people would have trouble seeing those letters, no matter how big they are on the phone screen. Then again, I could be wrong.


Has anyone used those before? If so, what was your experience with it?

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The 2013 Eerie Horror Film Festival and Screenplay Competition has officially opened its call for entries and is currently seeking submissions from all over the world!

If you have a horror, science fiction or suspense themed film or screenplay, we want to see ‘em!

How To Videos - 10 Tips to Making More Effective Training Videos

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How To videos and training videos are everywhere - from how to install a car engine to how to saddle a horse and how to build a model train. Many people think that since they know how to do something well enough, that they can use video sharing to teach these skills or techniques. Not necessarily.

Video: The Great Equalizer

Video: The Great Equalizer

My grandfather didn't work in video; he was a writer, but he had one useful piece of advice that can apply to anyone working in any creative field.

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I always getawesomemovie ideas. I have everything I need to make a movie. When I get the idea I want to start a script as soon as possible. Usually my ideas never make it because in the middle of while I'm making it I realize how stupid,pathetic,not makingsense,toodifficult, or anything else I find wrong with it the script is. I make comedy just to let you know. I have been making comedy for a year and I don't think any of them are funny at all, just retarded. I have tryed everything there is to help but nothing helps. I havetriedwatching othercomediesalso. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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