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I'm offering advice on school-based broadcasting to some local schools, some elementary and some high school. For the past seven years I've had good success broadcasting over myhigh school's cable network using an old Panasonic MX-20 mixer and an even older Realistic sound mixer.

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Fellow Filmmakers,

No Budget Film School will be happening again in LA on May 30 & 31,
2009. I missed it last time and was really bummed, so I wanted to
announce it here.

It's a two-day weekend seminar that teaches the craft of making a solid
feature film with virtually no budget. I've taken a shorter version of
the course and it was awesome. Plus, during the weekend version, there
are some really accomplished filmmakers who have made successful no
budget films.

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So Im still in high school my senior year and Im interested in becoming a freelance videographer. Bu the question im asking is this a good video field to go into. I have a passion for shooting i love being behind the camera and im the only advanced video student in my whole school. I have heard lots of thing about this field like its not profitable and that its not a stable job. But I figured I would ask the pros. Im thinking about going to a community college and get my associates video degree and maybe to go to a four year university after that and get my bachelors.

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Hi. I am sort of a newbie when it comes to film making. I've always had a passion for it, but never a means to accomplish anything. Now that I finally have some money, I actually own a good digital camcorder. I love filming with every excuse I get. I have done a short film for work and will film a wedding next month! I spend hours on Sony Vegas Pro whenever I have an editing task, experimenting and trying to create the best result. It is a lot of fun, and I realize now that I would really like to make this a career, but... is this possible?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you can help me out. I am about to start my final semester in college and get an associates in Television and Video Production. I am not bad at what I do, I do have two awards under my belt, and really nice resume. I was a student teacher at a local High School, teaching advanced Television skills such as chroma key and some advanced editing. I enjoy the work I have done and the little bit of freelancing I have been able to do.

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