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I have a JVC EVERIO CAMCORDER (Model GZ-MG620SEK) and a TOSHIBA HDD & DVD / VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER (Model RDXV60KB). I need a 4 pin DV cable with a 3.5 stereo jack at the other end, but can only seem to find a 4 pin/4 pin or 4 pin/6 pin DV cable.

Can anybody help?

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I've been looking for an HD recorder in reasonable price range. Just few years ago in SD times there were many devices where you could just plug signal in and record whatever you whanted. Today I can't find any device with hdmi or sdi input to record HD signal. Datavideo and Blackmagic desing makes professional hdd hd recorders but prices are to high for me. Does anyone know about some product with capability to record HD? I don't mean set-top boxes which records MPEG from antena I need plug my own signal in. (HDMI, SDI or Composite). Thanks

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I've got a very lightly used Focus FS-5 DTE recorder that has recently gone bad on me. Focus wants a flat $395 + shipping both ways to repair it. This probably wouldn't be an issue, except that this is the second time the unit has needed repair. At that time it was ONLY $195.

So now I'm faced with the question of whether to repair the thing and take a chance that it'll give me better service or just scrub it and get something more reliable. Are these things just prone to failure or did I get a lemon?

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I own two shotgun mics, an AT-897 and a Rode NTG-2, and I'm having the same problem with each (which makes me think that what I'm experiencing is not a "problem" and is completely normal). Here's the situation: When I have one of the mics connected to a Zoom H4N audio recorder, I have to have the recording levels all the way up (to level 100). With the levels all the way up, I have to be just 6-inches directly in front of the mic to be able to talk in a normal voice volume and register -12db on the Zoom (in an otherwise silent room).


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