DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera Has Arrived

The DxO Camera replaces the iPhone's camera

DxO thinks your iPhone or iPad camera needs some help. Their solution is the DxO One Professional Quality Connected Camera, a pocket-sized camera able to connect directly through your phone's lightning connector and provide for high resolution images through a high quality 32mm equivalent aspherical f/1.8 lens and a 1-inch sensor.

The Difference Between Raw Video and Uncompressed Video

image sensor

If you follow Videomaker closely, you've likely seen us use the terms raw video and uncompressed video. We might say “Camera A captures uncompressed video” or “Camera B shoots raw.” Hopefully we've never said “Camera C shoots uncompressed raw video.” While they sound similar, they do mean different things and shouldn't be used interchangeably.

So what's the difference? Raw video is uncompressed, right? Well, it is, and raw video is always uncompressed. However, uncompressed video isn't always raw.

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Thanks for looking...

I need to film a scene with a blacked out background (I have black stage curtains or black colourama paper from a photo studio for the background) but with a central, sometimes swinging lightbulb, at about head height or slightly above. The lightbulb is rigged to a dimmer switch so i can vary the output and there will be one and two people in the shot.

I want it to look as though the lightbulb is the only source of light, so that at times the light moves with the swing of the bulb.

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