Cinegear 2013 Roundup

Canon CN-E 14.5-160mm T2.6 Lens
Everyone thinks of NAB as the heartbeat of the video production and filmmaking industry. It's where all the big players come out to show their new products to the media and potential buyers with deep pockets. Cinegear, which takes place annually at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, is a different type of expo.
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what does hollywood use to create dvd's? What burning software/hardware do they use?

are they using something in the $10K's range? or does quality of say Edius, Cyberlink, Final Cut pro, compare?

i had a client that compared a hollywood dvd to their wedding dvd.


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I've been seeing a number of questions in the forum from members who are taking on paying gigs but obviously lack considerable technical skill and working experience. Just for my own curiosity, I dug around to find information on a reasonable time-frame for going from hobbyist to professional. The miniscule amount of info I found wasn't practical or all that informative for that matter. (Before I go on, any of you who write articles for VM, I'd seriously appreciate you not lifting my post topic for an article and not giving me any credit. It happened once before and I let it go.

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I am putting together an UAV to shoot HD video. I want thecamera to have many professional qualities but unfortunately I have a weight limit.Therefore I have to settle with what is completely required. These specs are:

Full HD resolution, preferably with interchangeable lenses

10X Optical Zoom minimum

Finally, a way to control the zoom remotely and wirelesslyand if possible other camera functions.

Audio is needed or even a recorder which I can plug externally.

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I've recently set up a film club at my high school, but we have no equipment. I've always experimented with my own films on an HD Aiptek camcorder, but it's definitely not enough.. I don't have any defined experience in the area and I have no idea what camera to get. As of right now, our budget is $1500. We're working on some fundraising, but some money needs to go into good mics and lighting. So unless I come up with something fantastic for a bit more, my limit is $1500. I'm hoping for a professionalappearancein the videos we produce.

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I just purchased a used EVW-300 camcorder and don't know how to set it up. Can anyone help with this? It worked when I got it, but the lens was dirty, so I took it off and cleaned it, put it back on and it hasn't worked since. All I get is black in the viewfinder, and sometimes it rolls like crazy. I also found that it has over 5K hours on the heads... is this thing shot? Thanks.



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