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We produce a weekly tv show about NASCAR Racing. We are currently using a green screen behind our talent, which works well, but we'd like to

be able to incorporate camera pans and zooms. Does anyone know of a way to do this without breaking the bank?

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I need assistance on getting the right live video production set-up. Currently we are running two Canon XL cameras on tripods (covering two angles.) They are used to film a speaker on stage. I would like to run the two cameras into a video switcher and feed that onto a hard drive. Once the recording is complete I would import the saved data into Final Cut Pro fromthe external hard drive. The computer being used is a Mac Pro laptop.

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Hey everyone, I've got a new show aimed at helping indie filmmakers called Indie Production Source. We are trying to feature trailers and behind the scenes footage of independent filmmakers. If anyone is interested in having your work plugged on the show email me at

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Forgive me for being a newbie.

Introduction. I am a prospective director, producer, editor and cinematographer (videography) who plans to film and edit a feature length documentary and all I need is a sizable capital to make it happen.

I have completed the 42-minute documentary short derived from YouTube under fair use (political footages, etc in conjunction with filmed speeches i.e. Malcolm X, historical facts and quotations) as a demonstration of my amateur filmmaking talent using (you may laugh) Windows Movie Maker.

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Video Advertising Creators Needed

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We pay our best creators to do excellent work for us and our clients. Are you up to it? Were looking for you!

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I'm new and need to make some 30 sec not for profit spots. Most of them will have someone speaking and they are for television stations.

Would the Canon Hv20 or new HV30 be good for this project? Is there advantages to the HV30 for this specifically?

Would an extra mic be necessary to filter out noise? I was told a bi-directional mic would be good.

Any other suggestions?



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