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Hey guys, does anyone know the laws concerning true movies? or movies based on a true story? I am currently writing a script about a serial killer that is still alive. Several of the victims families are still alive as well. We are going to meet with the killer in prison next week.

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Big question (and I hope the answer isn't what I think it is):

When using a DV tape to record and transfering from the camcorder to the computer via firewire, must one do so in real-time?

Is there any work arounds to this incredibly inconvient process?

Thanks all,

Forest Taber

-Older Panasonic Consumer Camcorder, DV Tape, Mac OS Latest, 4gig Ram, 160g 5,400 rpm HDD internal (100g free), 1TB Ext Hdd 7,200 Rpm, Adobe Premiere cs4 & Apples Video editing suite

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I'm tryingto create a company specializing in the production of music video, I try to make a choice between the Sony Z7, Ex1 and the Panasonic HPX 300. Help me please to choose which one could give me a quality such as these clip?
it would also be really useful to know a little about these lights, or whatever you feel is relevant! thank you in advance!

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A blog reader has asked me: SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition), what will make me the most for the least investment? My (long) response is at:

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I've noticed over the last 10 years the production industry has undergone a significant upheaval. Prior to the middle '90's, if you wanted to work in the production industry you had to work for an established house, a network or affiliate, or go into major debt to start your own company. Since '96, the technology changed with the advent of DV, MiniDV, the breaking of AVID/Apple's stranglehold on Non-linear Editing and the perfection of the Sony Handycam.

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Award winning full-service video production company located in Westminster, MD with over ten years of experience in areas such as documentaries, narrative films, TV, commercials, and educational/corporate videos. We have all of our own equipment including Panasonic SD and HD cameras, Sony HD cameras, full editing suite, and full lighting kits. Visit us at to learn more about us and check out some of our work. Feel free to reach us at

Owner/Director of Photography/Senior Editor - Jeff Fritz

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Where can I buy a 4 channel video mixer, preferably that can do some basic fades and wipes, and possibly overlays. It doesnt need to have high quality inputs. BNC, composite, or S-video inputs are preffered. Thanks!


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