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Hi there,

My name is Ben and I have been tasked by my boss to create a short informational video about our company. I have a background in video production, but it was a long time ago (about 10 years). The editing software hasn't changed much from when I was elbow deep in the media world, but cameras have changed a lot. I used to use DV tapes, but now there are a lot of digital and flash drive based cameras.

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<span class="story-item-teaser" rel="nofollow">What if you have a
neverendless stream of cash for video post production at your disposal?
Check out this super sexy post on HDSLR workflow. This is not your
average digital film workflow, this is the Epicmealtime of video

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Hello guys,

On my blog site, there's alot of articles and websites that I have recommended to help us all in regards with pre-production, production and post production. I'm new and i'm trying to create a community within my blogsite so that we all can learn from each other and compare opinions. My only dream is that someone will push us towards a newer era in film/video creativity. Let's start now.

Anyone with me?

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Please help with your advice?! Thanks...I have several hundred files (sports related stuff) in either mpeg or wmv format that I need to put onto DVDs for distribution to friends and clients that they can watch on regular DVD players...but should I burn the mpegs and wmvs to DVD or convert them to a different and better format for DVD burn?? (I use the free software "Any Video Converter" to convert)....Please advise? Thank you....

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Full, or part time, what is your number one money making gig? What percentage of your total video production income is derived from this category? Others? Mine are:

* funerals & memorials = 45 percent

* school events = 25 percent

* dance recitals = 12 percent

* community events = 6 percent

* web video for business = 6 percent

* weddings = 5 percent

* other = 1 percent

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I have shot our first inhouse corporate video and the faces are way overexposed. There is not enough detail in the image to color correct it properly, plus with the amount of videos we need to produce in such a short period of time, I'd like to minimize the amount of color correction we have to do in post. So, how should I be lighting the subjects to avoid overexposed faces? I have 4 lights, and can put up to a max of 500 watt bulbs on two of them, and a max of 150 watts on the other 2.

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Hi folks. I often have to produce promotional videos that helps to promote the organization I am working with. We are a non-profit missions organization. We have works all around the world. The work I do is to try to put together videos that help other people to know what we have been doing, to update them or to encourage them to join us.

Does any body else works in this type of production?

I am new in making promotional videos and hardly find material on how to make this videos on the internet. I mean, styles, ideas, what to do and not to do, things like that.

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Well Pro Juice Series One is going to air on the ABC's online network, iView. We're stoked to be on board with Australia's national free-to-air broadcaster and I'm sure you will too. iView provides free streaming of the series with excellent encode quality.

Pro Juice is a 6x26min presenter driven TV series about music, video and new media for guerrilla producers and those who dabble.

The first episode goes live on Tuesday March 29th and episodes will be broadcast weekly.

To go the iView website click here-

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Here's a really good audio discussion from the 'Terrance and Phillip Show' Podcast. (no southpark relation and no fart jokes) T&P discuss the topic of how the quality level offered by trained film & video professionals is becoming unnecessary because of lower expectations of 'quality' in digital media these days. From film to Mpeg4 and from Vinyl LP's to MP3's and more what is determined as a quality product has changed considerably.


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