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I've been on my current project for 3 years and I'm looking for something new. I will do editing remotely but would be willing to travel to film. My background is in TV, filming and editing "reality". Currently I am the one man production crew for a hunting show that is airing on Sportsman Channel, Wild TV and Pursuit Channel. If you are looking for the right person to produce your new or existing TV show I have the resources to get the job done at a fraction of the cost of a production house. Portfolio:

5 Foods to Feed Your Crew

Delicious looking sandwich from Craft Services
A healthy crew is a happy crew and nothing makes your crew happier (and willing to work longer,) than a good grub table. No chips and dips, please, feed the crew well and they'll stick around. Here are five tips to taking care of the food needs for your crew.
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We offer high quality royalty free music for affordable prices suitable for image films, commercials, product promotion / corporate projects, animations and documentary films.

We also offer suspenseful and atmospherical soundtracks for Horror / Thriller genres.

Please check out our portfolios here:

5 Tips to Impress Your Client

When it comes right down to it, video production is about relationships. Yes, you need skills to produce a project, but if you can't find anyone willing to hire you, then it's going to be pretty tough to make a living. Impressing a client is a crucial element that will help you get repeat business, as well as referrals. With that in mind, here are five tips to impress your next client.

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<span>Hi There,</span>

<span>This is an After</span><span>Effects</span><span>template that I created for video producers who need a weather graphics package for their video productions:</span>

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Ok, so I'm a film student at the college I attend and have been shooting random stuff since High School. Last year I upgraded to a Canon Vixia HF M40. Love the camera, but my first project with it DESTROYED my laptop. So, since then I've been computer less. But I got a credit card, slowly built up my credit, and now I am able to finance a computer from Best Buy for up to 1200. Now, at first I thought I would get a Mac. All the computers at the school are macs and all the classes use Final Cut and Avid on Mac. A promotion they have at the moment is $100 dollars off a Mac with a student I.D.

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I am pretty new to production video, and I am wondering if there is a way to set up 5-10 cameras for recording without having each camera independently record? Instead of having 5-10 flip video camcorders set up (around $200 each), is there a better way? I am looking for the video only feed to record on a laptop or other recording device, and I don't need each camera to independently record, like all consumer video cameras do. I hope that makes sense.


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