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Hello out there fellow video enthusiasts.


My name is Ben and I work for a small transcription company called Word Wizards. We are currently working on a new product to further improve the workflow benefits of using transcripts during video production. I am trying to identify how many producers out there still use transcripts with time code in their post production process. Please weigh in on this if you feel you have something to share.


Sony's New Line of Professional Hard Disk Arrays Brings Portability to the 4K Post-production Workflow

Sony annunces professional RAID line of portable hard disk arrays

Sony has announced a new line of professional portable hard disc arrays with the PSZ-RA4T and the PSZ-RA6T. Designed to move around 4K UHD video content, both models feature a built-in carrying handle to add to the portability factor, making them useful for video productions taking place in the field or on location as well as for situations where use of such drives provide greater stability and safety amidst harsh working conditions.

Vitec Opens Burbank Showroom for Videographers Looking for Hands-On Experience

Vitec Videocom has opened a new showroom in Burbank, California.

Vitec Videocom, the Broadcast Division of The Vitec Group plc, has opened a new showroom in Burbank, California. The express purpose of the showroom is to aid customers who are looking for the right tools for their projects: helping to outfit, educate and support them in discovering more about how the emerging technologies can increase their effectiveness on set, as well as in creating solutions for better customization of their rigs.

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My company is looking to update our current studio and I am wondering if anybody has used iPad apps or software in general to help visualize our plans. I have looked at some of the home design apps available but question if some of the features would include cameras, ceiling lights, podium desk, etc. Is Google Sketch, Microsoft Visio a viable option?

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Over the years, we have had the great oppotunity to work with a number of teachers and educators who are exposing new minds to video production techniques.  We wanted to give back a bit, so we are having a contest to give away a couple 1 year download passes to a teachers in April.


If you are a teacher, educator or administrator for a school, we would love it if you dropped by and signed up for the contest!



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