5 Wardrobe Malfunction No-No's for Video

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When you prepare for a lifestyle video shoot of a rugged trail hiker and your model shows up in an evening gown you clearly didn't communicate clearly. Telling talent what lifestyle clothes to wear is simple, of course, but the selection, patterns, colors and accessories aren't as easy to define.
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I'm Joel Brooks, owner of MIT Video Productions based near Dallas, TX. I have been in the commercial video production industry for 25 years.

" Video is a passion of mine and it is a very powerful communication tool."

MIT Video produces video for companies and businesses both large and small. "We offer competitive pricing to accommodate a large array of companies, businesses and individuals."

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Now hiring for a part time
video producer. You must have your own HD video camera and editing software and
have experience SHOOTING and EDITING. You must have at least one lavalier
microphone. Access to a small light kit is a plus. You should be a self starter
who can handle every aspect of a video shooting assignment from script to
screen. This position requires at least one year experience operating camera
and audio in a field production environment, and at least one year of editing

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I ordereda Video Capture device from Tiger Direct and it came with Cyberlink PowerProducer and PowerDirector. When I plug the capture device into the computer and try to download the video, I get a couple things that I'm not sure about.

1. There are a ton of "Dropped" frames. What is that?

2. When I replay the video I downloaded, I don't hear the audio. Why is that?

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Hey there,

I'm a little young to the business side of videography, and I've only just begun to get into contracts, rights and all that legal jargon. This is mostly because my strengths are in Cinematography, but unfortunately to make a living these days I need to put on a producer hat most of the time and... well that's not my strength at all. So I was hoping to get some feedback on a recent problem I had...

Who Are You?

Who Are You?
The analog switch is done. Like the Y2K scare, the sky did not fall and the machines did not take over. We've said all we're going to say about it. It is History. However, it IS a big moment in history, as video has been around for 6 decades, most of us are acutely connected to television transmission. As video creators, we producers are even more connected.
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Looking for help with "Producer for PowerPoint".

This is free software (full name: "Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2003") which allows me to sync video with PowerPoint slides.
I use it often to upload WMV videos to our web.
It works well on my PC, but I'm having issues when using it on my iMac (details, below).

Two questions:
Is there ANYTHING out there for sale that does this as well or better?
Does anyone else use this software on the PC-side of their Mac?
If so, have you had any problems...and how did you resolve them?

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The Webs hottest new video destination,, has immediate openings for talented video producers looking to make money creating how-to video segments. Qualified producers can make from $200 to $2,000 per assignment, depending on the complexity of the project. You must be experienced and have your own equipment (3CCD and 16:9 capable camera, external microphone, and editing software). This is a perfect opportunity for experienced producers looking to supplement their existing workload, or to add a significant new income stream to their business.


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