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  I just finished up a Premiere Elements 11 Green Screen / Chroma Key tutorial.  I just recently purchased PE 11 and I was pretty impressed with the functionality that it allows.  I have been a premiere pro user for many years, so I think that helped with some of the techniques.  But, if you are an editor with a smaller software budget, this might be a good solutions since it seems to have 90% of the funcationlity needed for most video productions.


Let me know what you think, sorry for the sniffles, i had a cold that week!


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In Adobe Premiere Elements, not the pro version, I know how to convert a clip to slow motion (select clip, choose clip -> time stretch and then enter a new percentage). But without breaking an existing clip into two or more clips how can I convert a part of a clip to slow motion and leave the preceeding and succeeding parts in regular motion?

Thanks in advance

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Hi guys. I'd like to buy a laptop to use primarily for hd video editing (1080p AVCHD from my Panasonic HDC-TM90K camcorder). I'd like to use either Adobe Premiere Elements 10 or PowerDirector 10. My hd video editing is for personal/family videos, not professional, but I still want respectable quality.

My question is, what should I primarily focus on when selecting a laptop for running this? From what I've researched, it looks like a fast processor, hard-drive speed, and good video card should be my main concerns.

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I just purchased Premiere Elements 7 last night and am going to install it soon. I already owned Photoshop Elements 7 (got it with a peice of hardware), but I'm a Photoshop CS 4 user. In your opinion, is there any reason I should install Photoshop Elements 7 as well? Any advantages. I used ACDSEE to orgaznize my photos and videos; I'm not fouind of Elements organizer (perfer something that works directly with files and folders). Any advice?

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I have a Panasonic camera using AVCHD. My editing software is Adobe Premiere Elements. When I export the quality is excellent unless I export to DVD. When I play the DVD on the TV the footage is slightly blurry.

Using this camera and editing program, I'm trying to figure out how to get a good quality DVD.

Once I'm done editing, should I export the project in a particular format and then use a DVD burning program to burn that format to DVD? If so what format should I export as, and what program would be best when making the DVD? I don't have Mac, only Windows.

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