Adobe Announces New Creative Cloud 2015 Update for Improved Touch Control and More

Touch Editing with Premiere Pro CC 2015

Today, in anticipation of IBC 2015, Adobe announced innovative advancements to Adobe Creative Cloud’s video applications and workflow. The newly released Creative Cloud 2015 sees a handful of new tools and workflow improvements for video producers, allowing them to work with higher quality footage and gain even greater access to the tools they use on a regular basis.

Adobe Drops Creative Suite--Former CS Products Now Subscription Only

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All you that talk about "CS6" or Premiere, listen up. Adobe announced that they will not continue to develop their Creative Suite. No CS7, no giant package of production software. However Adobe would only be making enemies if we stopped now, their solution is Adobe Creative Cloud, established in 2012. Adobe MAX is the creativity conference taking place May 4-8, 2013 in Los Angeles and the center of this massive initiative.
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I recently purchased the Sony NEX-VG10 and am really excited about it.  i have run into some serious problems capturing the footage, though.  I have a 2010 iMac, am running OSX 10.8.2  Mountain Lion and use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit.  I've discovered that the files on the camera are .MTS, a file format with which I am unfamiliar (not surprising, I'm not exactly a newb, but the past few months is the first time I've started editing seriously - I am more a writer/director/producer and could do basic stuff with FC7 and Prem Pro - now I own my own production company and am getting down to

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Hello all, and Happy new year.

Here is what I have, I shot a wedding with 3 cams. The third was a static cam just to catch wedding party entering. ceremony was approx. 25 minutes. I forgot about the camera (very hectic wedding) and basically recorded approx. 2.5 hours worth of crap. I want to trim the huge file down to just the 10-15 minutes needed before loading card for editing. I basically have a folder with 3 1, cam 2 and cam 3. I am googling answers as well. I dont want to store hours worth of fottage for 10 minutes of usable footage to make a long story short.

Three Adobe CS 6 Features to be Excited About

Three Adobe CS 6 Features to be Excited About
On May 7th Adobe released Creative Suite 6, and it's pretty clear that their eyes are keenly focused on video production. While we're still in the process of writing our review of the software suite, here are a few of the features we're think video producers everywhere will be excited about.


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