NAB 2013 Spotlight Award - DJI Phantom

Phantom quadcopter next to a remote control and award

Videomaker awards an NAB 2013 Spotlight award to DJI for the Phantom. We've been looking at flying camera stabilizers for quite some time, mainly because cameras are becoming lightweight enough for small craft like the Phantom. Simplicity and cost are what make the Phantom so attractive, and what will be even better is the range of shots you will be able to record.

A Movie's POV: What's your Point of View?

Looking for your movie's unique vantage point, its point of view, is an important approach that you might not think about, but can strengthen the overall story telling aspect. Some movies have a neutral POV, others tell the entire story through the eyes of one character. What's YOUR movie's POV?

Delkin Devices Announces POV camera with Built-In LCD Playback

Delkin Devices Announces POV camera with Built-In LCD Playback
Delkin Devices announced on Thursday their intention to join in the POV camera foray with their device, the WingmanHD. The WingmanHD is a waterproof 3 ounce action camera that shoots 1080p high definition video and like most POV cameras can mount to almost any surface imaginable.
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With 16 years experience in the POV business, JonesCAM feels it's videos and
numerous well respected people in the industry speak for how good their new
devices are.? Major race car and extreme sports exposure, thanks to The Dirt Track Channel
website is a prime example.? http://www.youtube.com/user/roothog17??
Produced by Shawn Woods owner of The Dirt Track Channel website using JonesCAM
HD on board recorder during the fall of 2010.?? JonesCAM was chosen as the official on board

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So I have been approached by some people wanting to produce a documentary on firefighters. They want HD video from one or two firefighters' POV when inside a fire. So obviously a helmet cam would do that trick.

But is there anything out there that could the trick?

I know it is kind of extreme, but I thought there might be something out there.

We have a decent budget, so building the unit is not out of the question either.


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