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Best of CES 2016: SanDisk Extreme 510

SanDisk becomes the go-to name again when it comes to storing your media, and the SanDisk Extreme 510 does several things well.

Mega-Capacity, Small Form, My Passport (2TB)

Mega-Capacity, Small Form, My Passport (2TB)
What carries up to 400,000 photos, half a million songs or 150 hours of video (DV format), and is compact enough to fit easily in your shirt pocket? Why, Western Digitals new My Passport 2TB portable hard drive of course! Anyone who works with high res photos and HD video knows the importance of having ample storage capacity. Easy enough when youre at home or in the office, safely snuggled up next to your RAID 5. But what about when youre out on the road or employ a workflow that requires you to carry large files between multiple systems? High capacity storage in a mobile format is essential for those with requirements such as these.
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