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Hi everyone,

As a student with not a lot of cash to spend on making movies, I am always looking for good ideas for saving money. I noticed that even 2nd hand LCD monitors are really expensive, and my cameras are ancient relics that don't have the luxury of a flip-out LCD screen (and those are not perfect anyway and make us all look a bit like "tourists"), so I hit on the idea of using a portable DVD player for the same purpose. This is a really cheap way to do things, probably under $100 depending on how fancy you want to get.

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Hey there,

I am doing lots of documentary films in africa.....

I'm looking for a dolly solution that must be portable, and durable. I have seen a thing called a wally dolly, a digidolly and a fly-dolly. Any coments on what works would be appreciated.



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Auction ends Thursday March 20 at 12 am EST! Act now!

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I'm a videographer shooting with a Panasonic PV-GS 70, I shoot mostly live bands and loud music concerts. I want to improve the audio quality of my recordings (right now using built in camera mic) but have a dilemma and need your help. I've been researching the different options I have and wanted to know which one you think would be best considreing a budget of $200.

1. Buy an External Mic for Camcorder: Like the Rode SVM or Sennheiser MKE400

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