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Hi there !
I need to shoot a video that will be shoot completely during night in front of a Bar. I've a 18mm-200mm and I'm not that expert with photography. For having a good quality video, what do you suggest me to do ? Do I have to rent a different lens, do I need some lighting?
Your help is really appreciated,
Thank you very much,
Simone Mascagni

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Here is my newest short film. Photos in motion, consisting of 4,733 pictures. A young couple's relationship, from the first 'i love you' to the dreadful 'goodbye'. Let me know what you think !!



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Hello, i am a beginner photographer i want to get into videography but i just want to know something before i buy a camera, If i won't shoot weddings or events what will i shoot ?? i mean, in photography you can shoot anything like landscapes or anything but in videography if there's nothing happening, what will i shoot ?? i need ur advice :)

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Here's a good little article I found where a gal trying to advertise her photography services made a typical newb mistake (that many of us made!) Though it's about a photographer, anyone who aspires to be a pro 'vidiot' can easily fall into the same trap. Read and beware....

$1600 Advertising Mistake

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Hey guys!

Here i am back on the forum. I have focused mainly on my photograph skills and i am actually making some money out of it. I just designed a brand new website, and i would aprpeciate if you guys could tell me what you think about it.

Also, it would be awesome if you gave me your thoughts on my pictures!

Thanks so much guys!


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I've shot timelapse video with a video camera on a few occasions and got some really cool stuff. Lately, I've been experimenting with TLV using a Digital Still Camera. Here's a vid by Zach Wise on how to shoot time lapse video with a still camera.

*Note: From my own experiments, I'd like to add these additions to Zach's information.

1. If you have After Effects or another advanced software, you can easily import your photo sequences in as 'JPEG' sequences. Same rules apply concerning the correct numbering as importing with QT Pro.

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Hello, I'm rather new to videography as a business and am currently saving up from some gear via photography and renting video equipment.. I just recently found a group of film makers who use only dslr as video cameras which is a nice option because it's multi use and you get the nice DoF..

So here is my question, I mainly do wedding and party videography and was wondering if the traditional 3ccd prosumer is the best option or would a dslr rig be any good for weddings?

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Yesterday, my 17 year old budding photog of a stepdaughter took my 15 year old budding model of a stepdaughter to shoot some of her original ideas - Needless to say I am very proud of both of them.

Some of the shots:

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I'm 16 and very new to videography, but not to photography. Since I have a very deep background in photography I know all of the rules of composition but I have 3 questions. What rules are different? What techniques beside panning in zoom in on feature or zoom out from feature do you use? How can video and photography coexsist on the same trip


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