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Hello everyone. As stated in the title, I am a complete beginner to all of this, so I would really appreciate any and all advice. I'm planning a documentary-style production as part of a little project I'm working on, but I need some serious help deciding what exactly I need. I've been looking at some camcorders and researching as best I possibly can, and I already have a decent PC that I hope will be able to handle the editing side, so let me run those by you first.

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My question is in regards to publishing original videos online with clips from tv shows recorded via DVR.

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thos is my first post !! its a great forum!!!!!

i have a urgent question

i have a sony hvr z7 camcorder

a shot in PAL SD 720X576 25 fps

what is the best quality setting and rendering settings in vegas8???

what i can i do to make the best quality when i play in dvd player and PC monitors

pls help me!!!

thank you

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Lately in the post threads I've been gettingquestions concerning thebenefits /drawbacks of buildinga custom system versus buying a pre-built system forNon-linearEditing. Tokeep from taking over other posts I've opened up this one to specifically address theseissues.Up front I am not a computer engineer by any stretch.

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Which computer type is better at editing video. I have a PC but it is getting slower by the days. Are there enough software that is for video that can be used in a MAC. Also which one do you recommend me to get. All i use the computer for is to edit and watch my videos and go on internet like for yotube and other things. I am tired of having all types of error when editing.

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I have a slowly dying Videonics switcher, and would like to use a spare Vista machine as a switcher/recorder.

I have three cameras fed into the switcher via s-video to tape live events and church services. Audio is run from a mixer board. What I'm thinking of doing is putting three or four PCI tv tuner cards into the PC -- but i'm not sure if one PC can handle that many.

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if i get a miniDV camcorder and capture the video in vegas pro 8, What are the requirements for my PC to capture the entire 1-hour video smoothly without dropping lots of frames...and be able to preview it..

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So right now I have a Panasonic VDR-210 which is a miniDVD camcorder. I have vegas Pro 8 but i always have trouble importing the files, everytime i get an Error...Error this Error that!!!...I wanna get a new camcorder for Xmas but well my budgt is low...too low this year...I have some camcorders that i would like and can you guys please help me out...Help me choose between Samsung MX20, Canon ZR930, JVC GR-D850...I would like to edit and burn some of the videos to DVD..

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I'm just starting off with my video career, As a professional photographer (use to Adobe Photoshop), I'm now looking into finding the best Video editing software. I read a few forums regarding this issue of FCP vs Premiere (one of them will be my choice) and it sounds it's more a PC vs Mac issue.What I could figure was that both FCP & Premiere are great, with the FCP exception working great on Mac (as it's ONLY for Mac).

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I'm getting tempted to build a new pc for video editing. I have no interest in switching to a Mac, no offense, so please don't suggest the switch.
My requirement is to build a machine that i can maybe get 5 years of video production work out of. My thoughts:

Antec Sonata
Asus P5
2T (2x1T, Raid 1)
XP Pro
LG BluRay


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