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I am one of those who has used a PC for almost 25 years and am leaning towards making the switch to Mac.  I am told they are far more stable and less prone to viruses vs. PCs.  But, they are about 50% more expensive than comparable ones.


What do you think?  Is it worth the extra $300-$400 bucks to get an Apple Notebook for video editing?

Dell Announces New Line of High Performance Precision Workstations

Dell Announces New Line of High Performance Precision Workstations
Today Dell is announcing it's new line of performance workstations, and we at Videomaker were lucky enough to get a Precision T7600 in for an early look. Even before firing it up, it's clear that this workstation was built to work. If you're getting a Mac Pro vibe you're not alone. The carved mesh front and rectangular top handle is reminiscent of that iconic look, but don't let its looks fool you. Dell has pushed functional design to new levels with the T7600, by putting user convenience at the forefront.
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Is this
laptop good enough for Premiere Pro CS 5.5?

About the

INTEL Core i7-2760QM firekjernet prosessor, 2.4GHz,
6MB SmartCache

8GB DDR3 SO-DIMM 1333MHz (2x4GB)

AMD Radeon HD
6990M 2GB GDDR5

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Hopefully this is the correct location for this question: if money was not a factor in your decision, which brand of monitor, which size and how many would youchoose for your PC / workstation?

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Hello - I am trying to find a post here in which a member gave the specs of their newly built PC - it sounded screaming fast. What stood out was that they had put it all in an "Alienware" case that had been special ordered. Any thoughts where this post might be? Even searching with "Alienware" didn't get me to it.

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Another brand new setup question:

I have an HP computer with an AMD quad-core and 6GB DDR3 RAM (triple channel?)..

The motherboard (Foxcomm AERO) has (4) four memory slots.

Am I better off to do 4GB x 3, or 4G x 4? In other words, do I gain in utility what I might lose in speed by going 4G x 4 (I have no idea if this is one of the MB's that does the 1-4/2-3 triple chennel wiith four RAM slots trick, VS. 4G x 3?

Thanks for any assist!

Apple and Windows Reveal New Operating Systems

Apple and Windows Reveal New Operating Systems
Video editors are constantly demanding more of their computer's software. So it's been interesting to note that in a coincidentally close space of a couple of days, two of the world's largest software manufacturers released new operating systems. Windows released a sneak preview of their newest operating system, Windows 8, while Apple just released their newest iteration of Mac OS X code named Lion at their WWDC conference today.
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Hello everyone

I'm new to this forum. Need your advice on the best pc laptop to edit semi-pro videos. I am a church pastor and do tons of videography. I have a budget of $2,000 for the hardware. Am using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14 and/or Sony Vegas HD(not the pro software) for edits. Suggestions for laptop? Toying with either an ASUS or MSI but need help as to configuration of the hardware. Thanks for all your advice. Can't go Mac hardware because my church is pc orientated and need to use the laptop for MS office stuff too.

Rev. Bill


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