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The Day after Halloween: What were the Best Displays?

Happy day after Halloween!  This is widely regarded as the best day of the year because today's the day that you get to eat all the candy you collected last night.  If you went out trick or treating, you probably got to see some pretty innovative Halloween displays last night.  Some people like to build their own costumes, but there's no doubt that creativity doesn't stop there: Lots of people who decide to hand out candy like to go that extra mile to scare and thrill anyone who comes to coll

Visual Trends: A History of the Found Footage Genre

Visual Trends: A History of the Found Footage Genre
One of the most popular film genres among indie filmmakers for the last three years is found footage. The very term found footage has grown to be a divisive topic among old school film purists and the new, young talent flooding the industry regarding the legitimacy of a film that eschews the traditional hierarchy of established film crews in favor of cutting production costs to historically low funding thresholds.

Can You Catch Ghosts on Video?

Can You Catch Ghosts on Video?

We're all curious about the strange, the unexplained, the unknown... Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that there's something fascinating about the thought that there might be things in this world beyond mortal ken. That's why so many people have dedicated themselves to cataloging and investigating strange phenomena like ghosts and spirits.

Paranormal Comedy 'Assignment: Unexplained' Takes the Case

Paranormal Comedy 'Assignment: Unexplained' Takes the Case

This week, we have another exciting video tidbit from the Videomaker community. Videomaker's Facebook friend Tim Heiderich is the brains behind the brand new Internet serial Assignment: Unexplained, an irreverent satire of paranormal reality television series like Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Cops. Goth/frat boy Chase Nightblood (Nate Scholz) has assembled a not-so-crack team of investigators to help him unravel the Fortean mysteries of aliens, chupacabras, and yetis.

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I a mac user and a cinematographer.

I just finished shooting a film on the EPIC and all of the files were transfered onto a Hitachi hard drives formatted for a PC.

I would like to transfer a lot of these files on to my journaled (mac formatted)hard drives. How do I do this? Most of the file sizes exceed 3GB and won't transfer with a FAT formatted drive. Should I get a program that runs windows on my mac to read the files? What about transferring them to the mac formatted hard drive.

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