Panasonic Lumix GH4

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I am thinking about buying the GH4 Lumix camera to shoot the following: Kids hockey games, soccer games, kids piano concerts, dance recitals.


I am trying to find out what zoom lense would be a good starting point to shoot all of these activities.


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Hello everybody,

I just wanted to get some recomendation for editing workflow if it is possible. I have Adobe CC, filmconvert,  and I shoot with 5d mark ii, and I will be shooting with GH4 when atamos shogan comes up. I like to do color grading with speedgrade and apply filmconvert. 

Some people say I should convert 5d footage to prores before editing as prores has more color space. I am not sure if I should do that. 

Filmconvert is really nice but I am not sure when exactly to apply it. if use it after doing correction then it will change the look again. 

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