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Hi, i need help with my Panasonic AG AC7. When i shoot videos it looks good when i watch the preview on the camera LCD screen. But when i put the SD card on my computer to view the video, the footage looks dark and dull . But each time i play the playback on the camera it looks great but not great on the computer . What is wrong? How can i fix it?


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Hi there! I am happy to get my first post to this lovely forum. I have found lots of interesting information here!

So, I am about to buy a camera.

Fact 1: The most important for me is to record video. I suppose that if I had to place a ratio that would be : Video 85% - Photos 15%.

Fact 2: I am going to do some street video recording, documentaries, weddings, theatrical plays or concerts and more of that capture some beautiful video moments of "everything".

Panasonic AG-DVX200 Comes in Crimson

pro camcorder with red in a display case
Panasonic shows us how it’s camera adapts to new technology at NAB 2015. The AG-DVX200 may sound like just another camera model, but this one takes a different stance. Retain the integrated lens, SD card slots, and 72mm filter diameter, so what’s new? The AG-DVX200 has a striking crimson section of its body that denotes the recording controls.

Panasonic Camcorders Flip the Selfie

black camcorder with LCD out and camera on LCD edge
The HC-WX970 sounds like just another camera, but it’s not, it is the top of this line of cameras and full of features. Panasonic seems to quietly make their noise about cameras, and they have plenty of new ones during this year’s CES.
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I'm selling my hmc40, it has low hours and is in excellent condition. The extras include an Opteka fisheye, Audio technica condenser microphone, tripod, and a Panasonic 8gb sdhc card. It also comes with all the original accessories which are the HMC handbook, remote, battery charger/ adapter, rca cables, etc. I recently upgraded to DSLR so I no longer need this and I want to see it get used rather than collect dust. Asking $1,000 for everything, email me if interested.

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I am wondering if anyone out there uses a zoom control for X920.


I have recently bought one (Helin R1 DVX) but the 0.25mm jacks dont fit into the minjack 0.35mm of the camera mic/headphone port. I have sourced a 0.25mm-0.35mm converter but still not even sure it would work on that camera. 


I have looked at the Varizoom ones but again not sure they would fit or be compatable with this camera. 


here is a link to the user manual as reference

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Hi Guys,


I'm a Mac guy cause i'm not very good with computer.  I have an old laptop Macbook Pro 2.5 Intel Core 2 Duo and 4GB Ram( i know it's old). Just upgrade to FCP X and thought all the MTS and AVCHD can convert to movie through FCPX.  Well,that's not the case.  i have Sony TG1 and Panasonic TM700 and it's giving me the hell for 5 years trying to convert them.  It won't read or recognized them through FCPX.  I have drag or import and many times doen't work either.  I'm not sure if something wrong with my computer or my camcorder  or I have no idea.


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I saw some footage from the GH4 and read its specs... it looks impressive. I own a Canon 70D with some Canon glasses and the Sigma 18-35 1.8.


I was thinking about moving to Panasonic. I know that i can't use Canon lenses even with adapters. So i was wondering if it's worth buying the Panasonic lenses (the 12-35 2.8) or purchase the Nikon version of the Sigma 18-35, so i can use it with a normal adapter and with the speedbososter from metabones which would give me more field of view.



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