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Tech Giants to Deliver Next-Generation Web Video Codec

The Alliance for Open Media is working on a streaming video codec

Every major company has been looking into how to best encode/decode high quality video for the web, but attracting special mention is that seven of the leading software companies — Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Ciso, Intel and Mozilla have banded together to form The Alliance for Open Media (AOM) to develop a universal video format optimized for the web.

Pick-a-Brick: Build Out an Open Source Camera

Axiom Open Module Concept
Imagine a camera that you build like a collection of Lego bricks. One brick that features the lens mount and the camera sensor, then you add blocks as you need them. Enter the Axiom Open Module Concept camera from Aperatus.

Open Source Camera: Apertus Axiom (VIDEO)

Open Source Camera: Apertus Axiom (VIDEO)
There's an open source camera hitting the market soon called the Apertus Axiom, and it may make you re-think the concept of what a camcorder is. I've never honestly thought about it before. When you break it down to its individual components, what exactly is a camcorder? Obviously it's a lens, mounted in front of an image censor, that feeds data to a small computer which processes that data to form an image file. Then on top of that there are components like an LCD screen, software that allows you to manipulate how the censor works and how the CPU processes the image data. Next there are elements like some sort of recording device, like a hard drive or a flash media reader/writer, and finally there's a microphone (or microphone input jack) which captures audio and sends it to the CPU to attach to the video file. So now what if you wanted to build your own camera? You can go online and buy lenses, LCD monitors, hard drives, card readers/writers, microphones, and digital audio recorders. The hard part is coming up with the image censor, CPU, and software. For this level of modularity we'd want to shoot with a Red camera, right? A Red camera would definitely be modular, allowing us to add whatever component we want or need, but we want to go a step further and go truely open source.
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hello, i used to read video maker all the time when i was studying film in middle school and high school as a kid. after i moved i stoped getting it. and this year finaly started again. i appreciate it alot more since i am in college studying media arts now. my main question is, does anyone here have any info about open sourse software for windows that is equivalent to software discussed on here? i have seen some that i have found on my own shown in the magazine. such as the editor Jaushaka and audio editor Audacity.

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