NVIDIA’S M5000 and M4000 Video Cards Are Ready For Rendering

The Quadro M5000 Video Card is the latest addition to Nvidia's stable of processing cards

Everyone gets excited when they hear about new software, but it takes a powerful video card to see what’s being touted on the display. Hence the rollout of Nvidia’s two newest Quadro video cards at SIGGRAPH 2015: the double-slot Quadro M5000 and its slightly less powerful sibling, the single-slot Quadro M4000.

Two Lenovo Standout Computers from CES

Woman with hand raised and outline of her hand on computer monitor
Lenovo computers at CES bring new options for editing workstations. Our team found the Lenovo B50 Touch with a 3D Camera and gesture control. Could it be a better interface than touch?

Sony's VAIO F-Series Adds 3D Functionality [Video]

There were a ton of cool gadgets and innovative products to drool over this year at CES 2011. With over 3.2 million square feet of show floor to cover, it can be difficult to see all of them. However, this year there were some gadgets that were so jaw-droppingly awesome that we decided to strap on some gel insoles and get them on video for every video enthusiast to see.
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Here's short film we did with a Nikon D5000. It's really random, but it looks sort of cool.


HDSLR's are quite good for what you spend. I was quite impressed by the quality from a sub-$1000 camera.

The Shrinking Importance of the CPU

The Shrinking Importance of the CPU
It's shocking to think that Moore's law could one day go the way of the dinosaurs. Even more shocking still is to hear a number of experts declare that CPUs are quickly approaching a power "wall" where to make the CPU any faster would mean a melting of the very substance that the transistors rest on. It doesn't take a genius to know that a melted chip isn't going to allow you to finish your video edit in record time. That's why it's unfortunate that this problem has not gotten a satisfactory answer from the labs at AMD or Intel, meaning that the "wall" may be approaching faster than we think.

Beauty Box Upgrade Makes You Beautiful Faster

Beauty Box Upgrade Makes You Beautiful Faster
Digital Anarchy, the makers of Beauty Box, a plug-in for fixing blemishes, wrinkles, and small defects in skin, recently released a new version of their plugin that can now utilize the power of a computer's GPU instead of relying on the CPU only.

A new Flash

A new Flash
Adobe Flash 10.1 is now available in beta form, and it works. There's a lot of excitement here... is it contagious? Read on and
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