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Paranormal Comedy 'Assignment: Unexplained' Takes the Case

Paranormal Comedy 'Assignment: Unexplained' Takes the Case

This week, we have another exciting video tidbit from the Videomaker community. Videomaker's Facebook friend Tim Heiderich is the brains behind the brand new Internet serial Assignment: Unexplained, an irreverent satire of paranormal reality television series like Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Cops. Goth/frat boy Chase Nightblood (Nate Scholz) has assembled a not-so-crack team of investigators to help him unravel the Fortean mysteries of aliens, chupacabras, and yetis.

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I am shooting my firstmovie soon. I'm using a Sony XDCAM HD F355. The two night scenes will be at an airport. I'm using 650 w Frenels plus a few others, 650 w too, all tungsten. I have a generatorbut the sound won't be a problem. I need help on how to light the two teenage male actors. Any thought on gels to use. I have to shoot at night because I'm filming the cargo freighters landing as part of the scenes. Also how far should the lights be from the actors? Any other ideas welcome. I want to try your ideas a head of time to see how well they work. THX.

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