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Last summer is stumbled upon an idea and began shooting and narrating some of the motorcycle rides I go on.  I started with an original GoPro and a Kodak vi8 point and shoot camera.  I also loaded the videos in lower resolution so they wouldn't take as long to load.  I learn a ton, mostly things I wouldn't do again.  


I'm going to keep making these vidoes so I am working on upgrading my equiment this winter.


I purchased a GoPro 2 and am going to be getting a Canon GL2 Camcorder.  A better tripod and audio equimpent is also on the way.


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<div id="post_message_3747641">I just finished the first part of what will end up
being a 6-8min production video of a project we just finished at the San Diego

Turn your speakers up, and give it a look... its in full HD.
wanting some input, or constructive critisism before i continue...

in advance...

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