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Hi, all,

We are video/film makers and as the workload has become bigger we are in need of a video editor. So far I have done everything myself (director, operator, editor, after effects, sound, color correction etc.) but this no longer works for us as we are growing.

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My name is Esther I have spent the last few years creating an enhanced media novella about an orphan Rock Star, “November Fox” who travels multiple dimensions of reality, such as the conscious/subconscious, future and past etc


I now look for a TALENTED video artist who has time and interest in making a series of video clips for upcoming “November Fox” songs. Listen to Link.


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I am directing a music video that involves a band playing underneath a
large oak tree that's wrapped very sporadically and randomly/hectically with multi-colored yarn. Is there a way to make the colors of the yarn
surrounding the band to change like a visualized without having to stop
the band and move the yarn constantly?

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Well this past week has definitely started to turn the world upside down for me. It all started when my son befriended a kid who's father is a music producer. Long story short, I did some cheap interviews for some of his artists (as seen in another post), and now I have been offered quite a bit more. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START!

First off he is wanting some music videos done. Ok so I will do some homework on that, and take some shots at that.

Secondly he brought up an idea for a reality show, which obviously I cannot share all the details, but think "Big Brother".


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