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My name is Andrew, I am composer since 2005. I am for the first time on this forum. Let me tell you about my experience in this topic. Long time ago i was just begginer, and I played with my DAW and studied it. Soon I was released 2 LP albums, than another one in conceptual electronic genre. But my needs for music formation were more than it, and i started my career of production music maker.

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Frugal Music Video.

Entire video was shot for under $300. Canon t2i with one lens 17-55 2.8.

Sets lit with standard low end video lights and 5in1 bounce, performance /set decorated and lit with walmart clamp aluminum flood lamp and bulb. Costumes flea market rack specials, locations wheeled and dealed. We premiered it last night to a screening of 100 people so were in the black... barely. Check it out.


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Hello all, i'm a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland and just wanted to share with you a new tune i put together a few weeks ago called Tonight.
I was lucky enough to be invited over to perform in Nashville USA at the famous Bluebird Cafe back in June and it was that trip that inspired me to write this song.
Its a pretty chilled out tune with a summery feel to it.
Check it out below if you have a spare moment for new music.
All feedback welcome :)
Chris Keys - Tonight (Live)


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