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My name is Andrew, I am composer since 2005. I am for the first time on this forum. Let me tell you about my experience in this topic. Long time ago i was just begginer, and I played with my DAW and studied it. Soon I was released 2 LP albums, than another one in conceptual electronic genre. But my needs for music formation were more than it, and i started my career of production music maker.

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Are you Looking for the right sound for you video? you can't find unique and the right one?


wemakedancemusic is one of the largets web sites that offer unique and underground soundtracks! we have over than 1000 template that can be used as a sound track or you can play with it and adapte to you video, and thats the adventage of using templates!


i give you one example here



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In reality, even if the video component has flaws and turns out to be very much less than perfect but if the audio is clear at the right volume free of distractions then the video can still be an overall success. Hence it is very important to choose the right music for your video.

Here's a video that illustrates this. 

GE's Neuro Experience Brings Virtual Reality to Life

Exploring the world of CyberBrain

Walking up the darkened stairs of the performance space in downtown Los Angeles, I come to General Electric’s “GE NEURO EXPERIENCE,” a carousel of displays all devoted to virtual reality and the ecosystem GE is building to support it. The goal: demonstrating the industrial and healthcare innovations that VR can provide.

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As some of you know, its quite expensive to buy really good background music for your videos. Its called "Royalty Free" background music and you can buy a licence from a stock media site. The price is usually around 18-40 dollars, on the most popular sites like AudioJungle. In addition to that, the licence often implies that you can only use the song once in a single project. And if you want to use it again, you have to pay for a new licence. Not very appealing for the average amateur producer...

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I work for a video production that is just starting up in Winnipeg, MB Canada. We are trying to figure out how things work with using copyrighted music in our videos.


I have heard that you can contact the record label and purchase the rights but it seems pretty unefficent to have to do that for each song.


Is there a license that we can purchase to be able to use copyrighted music in our videos?

Any help in figuring this out is much appreciated!

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We are a social media music site that is easy to use for our members; our site allows members to upload their videos and audio. Artists and fans get to vote for songs and videos that they wish to listen to allowing them also to leave comments. All pages including the member?s personal pages are integrated with facebook and twitter allowing our users to spread the word of their music, generating their fan base on the website.


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