Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown Honored

Luke and Leia from Star Wars on a Speeder Bike
It's hard to imagine a movie today that doesn't have a scene with a camera closely following the subject and Garrett Brown is getting much deserved recognition in the National Inventor's Hall of Fame for his creation of the Steadicam.
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Here is the 3rd episode to my new web series 'Palm Bay Blows'. Consists of skits, interviews and whatever else I filmed. All shot in Palm Bay, FL. Used a Canon Rebel T3i. Let me know what you think!

Written, Directed & Edited by me.

Movie Quotes - Score 15 Points and Make Every Word Count

silhouette of a man in a field against an orange sky

If you missed the announcement of the Oscar nominees last Thursday due to the International CES winding down, you might be in the mood for looking up past movies. There are memorable quotes, there are funny quotes, and there are quotes by those carry a heavy load, especially if the speaker has died.

3D Video: Boom or Bust in 2013?

Kids with 3D glasses
3D video is a polarizing subject. Hollywood loves 3D, due to increased ticket prices and classic blockbuster 3D re-releases. Television manufacturers are hopeful, thinking 3D might be a new way to get consumers to upgrade their newly purchased HDTV. Consumers, however, are lukewarm.

NAB 2012: Hunger Games Director Gary Ross to Headline Creative Master Series

NAB 2012: Hunger Games Director Gary Ross to Headline Creative Master Series
Each year video and film enthusiests look forward to the tech and industry news coming out of NAB. This year, those lucky enough to attend will have a chance to attend a talk by Hunger Games director Gary Ross. Among other films, Mr. Ross is known for directing Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, as well as writing the mega-hit Big. At the time of this posting, Hunger Games is at the top of the box office charts in the united states and has had the third highest grossing domestic opening weekend ever. In addition to Gary Ross, Hunger Games sound designers Lon Bender and Bill Dean will be participating.


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