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Sony Electronics President Speaks with Videomaker About 4K in the Home

Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo in Front of 4K TV

The grand opening of the Video and Audio Center’s Century City store (SoCal) made even more of an impact by hosting the world-wide launch for a new generation of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs. These models, which were immediately available, feature enhanced brightness and color palettes, all at prices designed to be consumer-friendly. Sony Electronics President, Mike Fasulo, helped to further this latest Sony push for bringing 4K viewing into the home by making himself available to answer a few questions.

What is a McGuffin? Movie Terms Defined

Director's chair and robot form Star Wars, R2-D2, with single video spotlight
Movies terms define an action, a shot type, a character or a piece of gear, and all of these are meant to help the plot move along, or help the crew know which device to use next, or to help someone like a camera operator prepare for the next shot or scene. One unusual term is "McGuffin". The plot of many movies will maneuver around the McGuffin - so what IS it exactly, and why would video producers want a McGuffin appearing in their movie?