edelkrone's QuickReleaseONE Lets You Say Goodbye to Quick Release Plates

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

Quick release plates, instead of living up to their name, can often cause delays for their users. Since each company designs their own unique plate for use, attaching and detaching them and keeping them at hand for use has required more time and effort than it should when it comes to changing plates. edelkrone's QuickReleaseONE solves this problem.

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I have this ePhoto Pro Softbox Lighting Kit, with a better pair of tripod stands. Setting up a new studio area and would like to be able to somehow mount two softboxes to either the ceiling or the beam that you can see in the photo below to cut down on the clutter on the floor.

8 Tips on How to Use a Tripod

A videographer shooting video using a tripod
Terrific tripoding is a careful combination of tool and technique. These 8 tips hit the highlights to cover both aspects, so you know what features you need in a tripod for video production, and how to use it to shoot stellar shots that are smooth and stable.
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I need to devise a way to mount a small Canon Vixia camcorder directly above the subject, but not visible in the frame. What I'm seeing in my head is a hangman type setup like in the picture, except with a longer horizontal top bar. I have a tripod I can use as a base, but not sure exactly how to go about creating something to get the camera where I need it to be... suggestions?

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Sorry for the likely stupid question, but I've searched and search and can't find any info... Have a new fluid drag head I'd like to mount to my tripod legs, but I don't see how. I've tried searching to see what different types of tripods/mounts there are, but find no mention of different types.

Here's a photo pf the head and the legs. Can someone shed some light? Can I attach them? Is there an adapter? Do I need different legs? If so, what are they called?

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Lot's of the clamps and suction cups these days seem very secure, but what about the wee 1/4" or 3/8" screw that mounts your camera ???

Offroad there's a ton of vibration, and with cameras weighing upwards of 3Kg (6.5 pounds), isn't there a risk that the wee screw will bust spilling your camera worth thousands all over the place? I've not worked with anyone who does this, so surely there's somethin better than a few cable ties ???

Don't be shy, just tell me if I'm the only one who doesn't know this. JMcK

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Anyone who's read my post's regularly probably knows I'm down with DIY solutions to solve professional equipment and production problems. Here's one by Jonathan Christen Bergqvist that combines furniture making and RC model tech to make a pretty cool shoulder rig. Check this out....

DIY DSLR Wooden Shoulder Rig from Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist on Vimeo.

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I bought a used sony handycam dcr hc 96 and really need external mike audio. I do mostly family video/documentary filming.

this camera has a shoe mount, where you can mount a microphone. can someone recommend a good mike? ALSO, I really would like a lavalier.

is there an adapter for the shoe mount which will receive the lavalier input? I guess that is 1/8" or maybe XLR?


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