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Hi all,

I work at a digital media and marketing studio and we've been discussing how to price a project. It's a video project that will have a very fast turnaround. Some of the details:

-1-2 minutes long
-two versions, French and English
-lower thirds motion graphics
-we will need to be onsite for a 3-4 hour event to record footage, then have the video edited, graphics added, etc. and exported + delivered 4-5 hours after that

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Hey guys, new to the forum.

It looks like an interesting and informative place -- I and am very much looking forward to learning more and joining some of the interesting conversations on here.

I'm starting a new site called network101 (, which offers a low-cost, subscription-based service for video creators.

The marketing is primarily aimed at YouTubers, as we offer a very different alternative to joining scammy MCNs, but the service can be just as useful for anyone creating video content.

New Creatives Report Asks: What Are Creative Professionals Doing?

Adobe surveyed 1048 creative professionals
Adobe released a report titled “The New Creatives Report” detailing what creative professionals find themselves doing, their work habits, and where they believe things are headed. It’s an interesting read and much of what it states is reflective of the trends currently taking place in the video community.

Maxon Releases Cinema 4D 14 Professional 3D Motion Graphics Application

Maxon Releases Cinema 4D 14 Professional 3D Motion Graphics Application
Cinema 4D has long been a favorite among motion graphics artists working primarily with video. While it's capabilities strech far beyond what your average video editor would need, it's relative ease of use has made it very attractive for those that want to incorporate 3D graphics into their After Effects projects. Most applicable to video enthusiets is the improved camera enhancement, including the new Camera Calibrator, and a faster render engine.

Avid Announces the Release of Avid DS 11

Avid Announces the Release of Avid DS 11

It's easy to blame amateur equipment for the amateur look of a project when you're a beginner. Many of us play the hand we're dealt when it comes to producing video. We use the camera we can afford, and we make the best of the editing system we have. We're no strangers to using workarounds to perform even the most basic tasks. Some might say this builds character, and they're probably right.


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