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Hi, I'm looking to invest in a wireless monitor that I can use with my Canon 5D (mark II) while operating a DJI Ronin-M. The goal is to have a monitor that someone can reference while using the Ronins remote control so another operator can focus on their surroundings and moving with the Ronin. Price isn't a huge issue but obviously I'd rather not spend a ton if I don't have to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PIX-E5 Puts a Lot into a Small Monitor Solution

small monitor and award
The PIX-E5 brings great technology on top of a camera. Virtually all you would want from a monitor is here with the PIX-E series, with the PIX-E5 being the smallest, yet capable. Body aside, the processing power that will allow Apple ProRes 4444 XQ video to be recorded is excellent.
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Hello fellow professionals! I've finally finished with my research for building a new pc for video editing and motion graphics. If you need to know the best bang-for-buck hardware out there in Q4 2013, do check out this article and leave feedback. Anyone has experience building a pc? I'd like to hear from you :)


Let me know your insights

Inexpensive Wireless Video Monitoring for your Camcorder or DSLR

Inexpensive Wireless Video Monitoring for your Camcorder or DSLR
A recent documentary and wedding shoot thrusted me front, dead center on one of the important issues confronting a serious videographer- video monitoring away from the camcorder. We are all used to looking at the viewfinder or LCD monitor up close, but Im referring to monitoring what the camera is seeing- AWAY from from the camcorder- the way the professionals do it. In my documentary shoot I was using a new product from CoolJib that allows you to extend your camcorder or DSLR as much as 6 feet away from your body, and control the camera with true jib tilting/panning mode. A provided 5-in HD monitor was tethered to the camcorder by way of the HDMI cable. While the HD monitor was good for showing me what the cameramy HD camcorder was shooting at, I wished it had been slightly larger, like 7-in diagonal. And I only got about one hour of monitor on-time using brand new AA alkaline batteries! Luckily, I had spare batteries, but it was just too inconvenient to exchange them that frequently. There must be a better solution, I thought!
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Im using the canon 5D with the Marshal Electronics v-lcd-50-hdmi monitor. all before it was workin fine, now all of a sudden wen i try to record video with the monitor connected it responds as if my CF card is too slow by shutting down the recording within 5 seconds every time. if i disconnect the monitor it works fine. it was working with the monitor all along up until yesterday can anyone please help. and yes i do see that lil icon on the side that indicates that its about to shut down wen the lights hit the top


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