Dell Promises More Power And Performance With Release of New Precision Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision Mobile Workstation

Dell today announced the release of the latest line of Precision mobile workstations, allowing “creative professionals that demand purpose-built solutions to manage their critical workloads.” The new workstations are thinner and lighter on the outside due to a design combination of carbon fibre and aluminium; while new processors and faster memory and storage contribute to the enhanced performance on the inside.

'Oscar' season for Online mobile film festivals

disposable film festival
The disposable Film Festival celebrates its 7th year honoring disposable video: short films made on non-professional devices such as one-time use video cameras, cell phones, point and shoot cameras, webcams, computer screen capture software.

A Brief Look Into Video Editing for Mobile Devices

A Brief Look Into Video Editing for Mobile Devices
Video making has never been more accessible than in todays mobile world. Almost every digital device, from music players to smart phones, can shoot video. With the increase in video capture, we have also seen a growth in video editing software, especially for mobile devices. We took a walk around the Internet and found quite a few video editing apps.

CTIA 2012: Wireless Show Kicks Off Tomorrow

CTIA 2012: Wireless Show Kicks Off Tomorrow
Today kicks off CTIA Wireless 2012, and while this show isn't one that Videomaker normally covers, more and more we're seeing the video industry embracing mobile technology. It seems like many consumers would rather shoot video straight from their phones rather than mess with a dedicated camcorder. If that's where the industry's headed, what does it mean for those of us that want to be a little more creative with our video? Fortunately, we we haven't been forgotten.
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After watching Adobe's launch of CS5, trying to drown out all the 'buzz' about the 'iPad', 'Droid' and a bunch of other new whiz-bang products getting flung at us everyday, I saw this video about 'Motion Magazine Production'. The all Digital Magazine 'VIV' recently shot their issues' cover and a layout feature completely for the motion mag format. The production shot using live actors, props, and greenscreen with the RED EPIC. Though their project was primarily for the 'i' line of Apple products, I can fully see the potential for this type of work for other devices as well.

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