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I am trying to spec out a video studio set-up in a few different price ranges ($1,000, $2,000 and $3,000) for something that would be capable of filming 2 people interviewing. I will have a backdrop and have two people sitting at a table interacting. I would like to get a set-up (cameras, mics, software that would allow me to mix the audio post). I would like to have 2 clip-on mics and two cameras. But want to find a few different options when it comes to syncing all the audio and video together.

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I've been out of video production for 15 years and am getting ready to jump back in with an HD camcorder purchase, but one of my absolute "must haves" is the ability to feed the camcorder with the "line out" of an audio mixing board for some studio work. What is not clear to me is if the microphone input jack (such as on a Canon HF20) is compatible with the normal line levels from an audio device, or will it only work with microphones?

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Hi all,

I'm a re-recording mixer working in Digidesign Pro Tools, and I do sound mixing for all sorts of professional and independent projects. I'm curious just how many video makers are going through a post-production sound process? How many people are just going with what they get out of Final Cut Pro/Avid, and how many take the time to track down post-production sound services and do full sound editing and mixing?

Just trying to get a feel for peoples' habits. Thanks!

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Looking for a medium range 8 input mixer, using 2 sony pd170's, 1 computer's powerpoint, a DVD player input, and 1 computer's "media shout" program as the inputs. It's for a church's live services presentation on large screen, with SVGA input. We'd like to be able to mix all these to avoid the current "on-off" visuals. Any suggestions appreciated.

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