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I shot with a DSLR and I have been looking into getting an xlr adapter box such as the one made by Beachtek so I can use xlr mics. After thinking, I was wonder what the difference would be if I just bought an xlr to 1/8 (1/8 goes into my dslr) cable as long as my mic is powered? Thats $10 vs $300...am I missing something here?

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Any recommendations for clip on mics, attached mics,
or wireless mics to enable the recording of at least 3 people for the Kodak Zi8
camera & the iTouch?





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This could fall in any one of a number of other topic titles, and certainly might become more of a "Making Losses" instead of "Making Profit" but I'm gonna put my wish/shopping list for 2010 up here. Some, if not all of it will be purchased by Dec. 31, and hopefully the remainder in 1st quarter 2011. At the current level of production work I'm getting, and have booked over the next several months, it is not ALL wishful thinking.

Two JVC GY-HM100 HD camcorders

Two Litepanels MicroPro units

Two Sennheiser MKE 400 and/or MKH 416-Pr8U3

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I am not sure I am posting at the right location, but I just joined Videomaker today with the hope that I will be able to get some assistance with a few questions I have about shooting on camera interviews.

My first question is what brand and type of hand held microphone do you recommend the most, for in front of camera interviews. I am talking about something like the interviews for instance done at the red carpet events, like from E online for example: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/redcarpet/2010_oscars/index.html

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I am a pro still photographer and relatively new to video. I have a canon 5d mark 2 still camera that has video capability. I have heardthat you need external audio since internal mic is weak and picks up camera noise and auto focus motor noise.

Question: what are the best options for adding external audio mics for this type of camera? What other types of add ons or accessories should i consider?

My primary use is shooting candid b-roll during corporate meetings and events and occasionally recording over the shoulder interviews.

Thanks for any feedback!

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I am a new member in this forum. I am very serious about video production. I will be having my first camera this coming Christmas.. I will be purchasing an hd minidv hv40.

The problem I have is that I do not know if my cmputer will be able to handle it. I currently have the AMD phenom x4 9150e quadcore. It is the hp pavilion phoenix special edition se a6655f.It comes with a nvidia geforce 6150 se graphics (read it is not good) but also read it doesnt matter in video editing??I have a gpu of 300watts, sata interface 3gb/s and 5gb of RAM.

According to

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I work at a creative marketing agency an we are going to start some video production. What basic equipment do we need to get started? We want our videos to be high quality with good lighting and sound.

What type of camera, mics, lighting equipment do you reccomend if we want to keep it in a 10,000 budget?

We will be shooting things like short films, local ccommercials, video blogs, videos for client websites, corporate videos.

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Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to video production, kinda... Anyway I am starting a wedding videography business and I have a Sony HVR A1u, and a Sony HD1000u shoulder mount. I was wondering if you guysand gals could help me? What are the best types ofwireless lavalier mics to buy. My budget is in the $300.00 range? Do I need oneto fit in the XLR input in my camera?or is mini stereo okay?I bought the A1U because of the XLR.Any pointer you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!


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