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One Microphone Every Videographer Should Own

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your video is to improve your audio. That means choosing and using the right mic. If you can afford a host of microphones, fill your gear bag to the brim with them and use whichever mic makes the most sense on the set. But what if you could only have one? Which mic makes the best all-around, multi-purpose utility tool for producers?

The Four Microphone Pickup Patterns Every Videographer Should Know

close up shot of a studio microphone
Recording audio is a great mystery to many people. "What mic is best?" There's no easy answer because each setup is different and requires different mic types and different audio capturing needs. Your audio setup will change with every shoot. But understanding the microphone pickup patterns will help you pick up the best mic for any situation without too much brain drain.


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Though my day-to-day responsibilities are mainly video production related tasks, I also get to wear a journalist hat from time to time.  This mainly involves evaluating new products, writing about video production, and every once in awhile, I’m lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes of a company.  When I say a peek, it really doesn’t do it justice.  Essentially I was treated to a behind the scenes tour of the Shure headquarters in Niles, Illinois.  It’s easy to drink the kool-aid when a company is so genuinely nice and accommodating,  but once the i