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I need help finding the right camcorder for my needs and was hoping I could get some input:)


I am a freelance voice over actor and I want to move into freelance business presenting as well. These are the videos you see with people looking into the camera and just talking about the product.


My budget is around $400 CAD before taxes and all I want is HD film so it looks high quality and professional for companies. 


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Hello all hope someone can help me. I have opportunities to shoot live events only problem I have is the audio. With previous events I have done the video quality was great but audio could of been better. I was using a shotgun mic connected to my dslr which I know now isnt a good idea. Do anyone of you think its better to buy a professional camcorder than to use a dslr camera to do a music showcase event. Because when it comes to dslr I feel like im limited when it comes to audio. I dont know if a digital zoom mic is the best way to go by it.

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Hi Everybody,

I've been getting more and more into videography as a hobby, and I'm hoping to make a little cash doing videography on weekends. I have some questions and need some advice. I'd love to hear what you veterans have to say...

I have an awesome EOS 5D it takes amazing pictures and video, I love it. The big problem I have is with the audio. I've been looking into getting a shot gun style microphone attachment. If anyone could answer some questions for me about microphones and maybe even a little bit about your background, I'd be super grateful.

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Hello Everyone,


I am working on directing and producing a documentary that will have two on-screen narrators. So I am looking for a dual wireless lavalier mic, with two conditions. First, I am looking for a low-cost solution (Under $350), and also I would prefer one not made in China, as my experience with gear made in China has not been good. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find what I need? Or should I simply use two individual wireless mics and run them through a mixer? Thanks!

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So I do this thing on youtube called motovlogging www.youtube.com/user/GPSMotovlogs if you feel like checking it out. I'm finally starting to get some feedback from some people and they are telling me that it is hard for them to hear me. So I'm looking for a better way to block out wind noise all the while trying to keep some background noise like my engine and outside sounds but I want my voice to be heard. I'm looking in to different types of microphones and I'm thinking a super cordroid microphone may work.

One Microphone Every Videographer Should Own

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your video is to improve your audio. That means choosing and using the right mic. If you can afford a host of microphones, fill your gear bag to the brim with them and use whichever mic makes the most sense on the set. But what if you could only have one? Which mic makes the best all-around, multi-purpose utility tool for producers?

The Four Microphone Pickup Patterns Every Videographer Should Know

close up shot of a studio microphone
Recording audio is a great mystery to many people. "What mic is best?" There's no easy answer because each setup is different and requires different mic types and different audio capturing needs. Your audio setup will change with every shoot. But understanding the microphone pickup patterns will help you pick up the best mic for any situation without too much brain drain.


a group of journalists listening to a guide

Though my day-to-day responsibilities are mainly video production related tasks, I also get to wear a journalist hat from time to time.  This mainly involves evaluating new products, writing about video production, and every once in awhile, I’m lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes of a company.  When I say a peek, it really doesn’t do it justice.  Ess


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